DHL Debuts the Electric StreetScooter in the United States 1273 Trucks Placed Out Of Service On Brake Safety Day

DHL Debuts the Electric StreetScooter in the United States

DHL recently announced they will be launching the StreetScooter electric vehicle in two U.S. cities this upcoming spring. The company will initially introduce the vehicles into the San Fransisco area; however, the other city has not yet been disclosed.

According to a report from Reuters, the company plans to have a larger deployment of the vehicles as early as 2022.  

DHL acquired StreetScooter in 2014 and the electric vehicles have already been making deliveries across Europe. 

“Throughout the United States, DHL has proactively sought opportunities in select markets where we can implement AFV fleets that will help us reach our clean transport goals while continuing to provide a superior experience,” said Greg Hewitt, CEO of DHL Express U.S. “This year alone, nearly 30% of our new vehicles will be alternative fuel. We’re excited about the technologies that continue to emerge in this area and how they are benefiting the logistics industry.”

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