Grocery Company Modifies the Way We Shop Grocery Company Modifies The Way We Shop

Grocery Company Modifies the Way We Shop

Walking through an aisle of a grocery story can be a lot of added stress these days due to the predicament of our current world. Because of that, most businesses in America are struggling to keep an influx of customers.

COVID has forced businesses to think on their feet and adapt. The economy has relied on alteration of the normal way the world works.

A CDL LIFE article introduces a company that is making strides in 2020 to make grocery shopping for the workers and customers a safer environment. 

A  37 year old man named Frank Sinopli wants to take tractor trailers and turn them into moving supermarkets. Sinopli discusses his desire to change the way in which we shop; “Things are changing, the world is chaotic and with that comes opportunity”.

Sinopli says the new supermarket will almost be like a bus route. It will stop in certain areas and allow 5 people at a time, and it will have floating grocery carts that move with you on your trip. 

This new modification will allow for open air and easier social distancing methods. 

Stores setup as transit will severely modify the way in which people are getting goods and services. It will also open up a whole new market for different carriers who are available to make mobile supermarkets possible. 

To learn more about this innovative supermarket, Click Here to check out the original piece!

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