HOS Violations Accounted For Nearly Half Of Roadcheck Violations HOS Violations Account For Half Of Roadcheck Violations

HOS Violations Accounted For Nearly Half Of Roadcheck Violations

The results are in for the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s 2021 International Roadcheck, conducted May 4-6, and most vehicles passed inspection.

According to CVSA, out of more than 40,000 vehicles inspected in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, about 83% had no out-of-service violations. However, 6,710 vehicles and 2,080 drivers were placed out of service, a 16.5% vehicle and 5.3% driver out-of-service rate. In addition to commercial trucks and tractor-trailer combinations, CVSA-certified inspectors checked motorcoaches and buses.

While comprehensive inspections were conducted, the focus of this year’s Roadcheck was on vehicle lighting and driver hours of service.

There were 1,378 out-of-service lighting violations, accounting for 14.1% of the vehicles placed out of service. The following are the Top 5 vehicle out-of-service violations:

  1. Brake systems: 2,564 vehicles (26.5%)
  2. Tires: 1,804 vehicles (18.6%)
  3. Lights: 1,367 vehicles (14.1%)
  4. Brake adjustment: 1,203 vehicles (12.4%)
  5. Cargo securement: 1,192 vehicles (12.3%)

CVSA’s second focus area, driver hours of service, was the most cited driver out-of-service violation, accounting for 41.5% of the 2,809 drivers placed out of service in the U.S. and Canada. In Mexico, inspectors conducted vehicle-only inspections, so there is no driver out-of-service rate to report. The Top 5 driver out-of-service violations were:

  1. Hours of service: 1,203 drivers (41.5%)
  2. Wrong class license: 565 drivers (19.5%)
  3. Other (could include operating without required operating authority, expired or no medical certificate, driving while ill or fatigued, or driving while prohibited by the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse): 482 drivers (16.6%)
  4. False logs: 427 (14.7%)
  5. Suspended license: 132 (4.6%)

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