Large Orders Placed In Electric And Autonomous Vehicle Market Large Orders Placed In Electric And Autonomous Vehicle Market

Large Orders Placed In Electric And Autonomous Vehicle Market

Embark Trucks announced that carriers participating in the company’s Partner Development Program have placed a combined 14,200 reservations for Embark-equipped autonomous trucks.

These non-binding reservations cover a five-year period, securing priority access to Embark-equipped trucks commencing upon the expected 2024 commercial launch of the Embark Driver software through the end of 2028.

The interest from Embark’s fleet partners is the initial result of extensive strategic planning, operational evaluation, and autonomous commercial hauling, which Embark believes demonstrates a commitment from both Embark and its partners to deploy commercial autonomous trucks in the U.S. Sunbelt beginning in 2024.

The 14,200 trucks reserved by PDP members, if purchased, represent a projected 10 billion billable Embark Driver miles over the trucks’ lifetimes.  In 2024, Embark and its carrier partners plan to begin rapidly deploying the confirmed trucks on high-priority lanes across the country over time. These reservations, and the associated licensed miles, demonstrate that Embark’s commercial preparation activities today should establish a base that enables Embark to meet its early year revenue targets, Embark officials said.

Each set of reservations was sized based on the needs of individual PDP partners, using a network assessment to evaluate autonomous trucking needs. Embark and its partners analyzed billions of miles across millions of loads at the lane level to determine the incremental benefits that autonomous trucks can deliver across cost savings, speed, sustainability, and safety. By considering factors such as region of operation, lane length, frequency, and more, Embark and its partners were able to prioritize lanes that deliver an outsize benefit from conversion to automation and secure capacity for the Embark-equipped trucks necessary to fulfill this demand.

“There is a strong case for early deployment of Embark’s technology in key segments of our network, where it can be used as a tool to provide critical safety enhancements for our drivers and ultimately work towards the goal of improving the driving job,” said Dave Jackson, CEO of Knight-Swift and member of Embark’s advisory board.

Pennsylvania-based flatbed carrier PGT Trucking announced it intends to lease 100 Nikola Tre heavy-duty fuel cell electric vehicles following the “satisfactory completion” of a demonstration program.

The lease order will include the Nikola Tres, scheduled maintenance and hydrogen fueling solutions. Deliveries of the trucks to PGT are anticipated to begin in 2023 when production commences at Nikola’s Coolidge, Arizona, manufacturing facility.

Designed for longer or continuous metro-regional applications, the Nikola Tre cabover has an anticipated range up to 500 miles and will become an addition to PGT’s freight hauling fleet that serves the steel, building materials, machinery, oil and gas, raw materials, aluminum and automotive industries.

Story via Heavy Duty Trucking. 

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