New Technology Identifies Driver Drowsiness and Distraction 1273 Trucks Placed Out Of Service On Brake Safety Day

New Technology Identifies Driver Drowsiness and Distraction

Tech company, Eyesight Technologies, announced a new update yesterday to the DriverSense and FleetSense products that is capable of detecting driver drowsiness and whether a driver is using a cell phone, wearing a seatbelt or smoking while driving. 

“The latest update increases the scope of the driver monitoring to extend beyond physical attributes of the driver to recognize driver actions, and can now detect the smoking of a cigarette and cell phone-related distractions. The new capabilities enable car manufacturers to intelligently alert the driver based on the type of alert while showing signs of drowsiness can trigger a more urgent response.” 

Eyesight Technologies states that smoking while driving is not only a distraction but can also be catastrophic for people hauling hazmat materials. 

“In addition to road safety, Eyesight Technologies has seen that in the trucking industry detection of smoking goes beyond distraction mitigation. With hazmat shipments such as Oil & Gas, cigarette smoking is against the law and can be catastrophic. With 67% of long haul truckers in the US smoking cigarettes according to a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, preventing smoking in the cabin during the transport of certain materials is a top priority for fleet managers. Eyesight Technologies’ FleetSense will enable fleet managers to receive real-time updates and set alerts for the presence of cigarette smoking during the transport of sensitive materials, improving upon old protocols of random inspections and manual monitoring of driver dash cams.” 

Eyesight Technologies is headquartered in Israel, with international offices in Cupertino, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. 

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