Trucking jobs increase 22 straight months Trucking jobs increase 22 straight months

Trucking jobs increase 22 straight months

Jobs rose in the truck transportation sector for the 22nd consecutive month in February, according to data released Friday from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

There had been months where the initial report on the first Friday of the month showed a drop in truck transportation jobs a month earlier.  But revisions that were handed down last month, and then added to with the February report and revised January and December figures, now show a long string of consecutive increases. From a low level of 1,429,600 jobs in April 2020, at the start of the pandemic, the truck transportation sector of the BLS transportation and warehousing industry category has now added back 119,500 jobs to sit at 1,549,100 jobs in February.

The seasonally adjusted gain of 5,400 jobs exceeded the not seasonally adjusted figures. However, that category also increased, albeit by a smaller 3,200 jobs, according to the latest data.

The figures do not include independent owner-operators, whose numbers have been rising on the basis of several metrics. 

In other highlights from the report, warehousing jobs continued to soar. On a seasonally adjusted basis, they were up 10,700 jobs to 1,738,200 jobs. The big revisions implemented in the base data at the start of the year lifted the number of warehouse jobs above the number of trucking jobs. 

It was also a big month for courier jobs, rising 9,400 jobs to 1,114,400 jobs.

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